Art & Design Studio


About Rootform

Rootform is a fledgling Art & Design Studio and a psychological appendage of Andrew Miller. The studio and brand are being incubated by The Formatory.

Rootform was conceived on the Weber State campus in 2007 and has endured the lowly distinction as the de facto DBA brand for Andrew’s freelance web work.

Now Rootform is coming into its own and is under going a re-brand in anticipation of fulfilling Andrew’s dream of launching his own studio-made wares.

Rootform’s first product? Limited edition run of custom studio made longboards!

Studio Projects


  • The Formatory : Studio & Project Incubation
  • Rootform Branding : Glyphs, Process, Story
  • Longboards : Form, Manufacture, Graphics & Branding
  • Concrete Table : “Pour”

On deck

  • Vacuum Formed Paper Pulp : Pendant Lights
  • Pre & Post Consumer Waste Design Projects

Rootform : Branding Project

Branding Rootform has taken a deliciously unusual tack…

Instead of exasperatedly pursuing “the one” logo design to represent Rootform, Andrew has decided to produce what he terms “glyphic expressions” ( logo marks that follow a certain visual language, yet are different in overall form ). These logo-glyphs will interchange as the brand mark for Rootform depending on the product and context. Each glyph is produced by tracing the outline of shapes within a photograph of a rock formation from Iceland (see image below left) and then creating a composition from selected shapes. (There is much more to say about this process and how this logo mark solution helps to express the essence of Rootform… more on this later.)

Current status of this branding project = sketch phase / start of glyph refinement.

RMD + Rootform Collaboration : “Pour”

Design by Ramsey Madsen. CNC’d MDF form completed by Utah Router Works. Space, tool, and manufacturing support from The Formatory and Rootform.

Materials used in finished products: GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), Polyurethane Resin, Wood.

Project status = MDF mold is completed; moving on to casting resin.

Beetle Killed Longboards + Rootform Collaboration

Fredrik and Niclas of Sweden will be coming to The Formatory for three weeks (Sept. 30th – Oct. 21st) to manufacture their truly one of a kind Beetle Kill Pine (BKP) longboards.

The Formatory and Rootform have teamed up with Jared Nelson (formerly of Drang Longboards) to facilitate a production run to fulfill orders from Beetle Killed’s successful Kickstarter campaign.

After manufacturing the two models of BK Longboards, a third design will be prototyped as a collaborative effort between design studios. (Stay tuned for project updates!)